press day unique & opening party 'Fruscìo' store

 I'va already know the two brands Paola Joy and EAN 13, I was talkinf before of the faboulous tee with Olivia, so I was happy to discover the new collection of this brands.
I will introduce you all the collection in the future, becouse is the fall winter, so not really interesting now, but  Iwill show you some images I took in the showroom, hope you like it!

                                                                             PAOLA JOY

                                                                          EAN 13

collezione Diabolik per l'anniversario di Eva Kant

Fruscìo is one of the most important brand of lingerie and bikini and total look, and  in the center of Milano, via Carducci 9 was the opening of the butique N 90!
Press and customers, guest and Vip, and the testimonial of the brand Nicole Minetti, the owner and the stilist of the brand Cristina Mariani, and some other people was here for make party and have fun.

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