two retro amazing style collection: EDWARD ACHOUR and LAUREL&HECTOR

Hellò girls, you already know Edward Achour, I've talked about him here and here, and it is a pleasure for me introduce you the summer collection, very girlie and romantic.
Rose, Ivory, Black and white the colours palette, remind me Coco Chanel for the bon ton attitude, but with a modern freshness. I love it so much, hope you would love it too.


Abaut Laurel &Hector, I've recently discover the website by the blog of my friend The Dainty dolls house, and I suddenly falling in love.
There are handmade retro style clothes, '60 and '70 inspired,  amazing and funny fabrics are the best part of the collection, and also the shooting are cool and different.
Do you like it?

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