My Beyond Retro (dalston, UK) experience

Hey girls, as you know I was in london last week, and as usual it was a great shopping experience!
I talk more about my trip in te next post, here I want to tell you about Beyond Retro, a vintage store with three location, an amazing website and a thousand of unbeliaveble vintage dresses!!
I visited the one in Dalston, the shopgirls  where so nice with me, I've got a chance to take a lot of pictures and make different outfit chosing between the great selection of the shop!!
Was a very good experience, if you are in london take a chance to go there, the place is so nice, people amazing, and they have also a coffeeshop behind the shop very good!!

from beyoun retro facebook

Here son picture with my outfits!!!

 by the way, yes, I buy all this outfit, dress booth and bag!

all pics by paolasophia

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