MFW: my experience part 1

MFW, every season an amazing experience: catwalk, event, streetstyle in a city, Milano, that a deeply love.
Anyway, not all that shine is gold, there so many things I can say about all that I consider weird or maybe 'too much', but at the end I prefer remeber the things I really love about it and not the one I hate it. No discussion.
Here some pics I take, streetstyle, details or some video of end of the shows.
hope you will enjoy.

Me and Nara Zafferri, Opposès complementaires @MFW

la bellissima Sara Moschini

nicky di

                                            RAMPONI BE COOL PRESENTATION:                       #mirkogdibrandimarte
                                                         event by maximilian linz 
                            a gorgeous presentation of a young talent with amazing people

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